Sunday, June 21, 2009

Israeli intimidation tactics of Palestinians

Certain interest groups will claim that the IDF is the most ethical army in the world.  They will argue that the IDF has strict rules of engagement, disciplines bad behaviour, sent text messages to homes that were about to be bombed.

But to determine the validity of the ethical claim consideration also needs to be given to the following actions by members of the Israeli armed forces.  The actions outlined below may be argued to be not those of an ethical armed force but actions of threat, intimidation, ridicule.  Systematically these actions perpetuate the hopelessness and misery for Palestinian people and the failure of the international community to respond to gross injustice.

GAZA -- Fishing Amidst Bullets, 4 Oct, 2008 -- International Solidarity Movement

Incident: 4 October 2008

Evidence of an Israeli gunboat firing automatic weapons repeatedly and for a prolonged periods of time at one fishing boat (in addition to the two fishing boats fired on at the beginning of the clip).  There was no loudspeaker repeatedly explaining their action each time those weapons were being fired at the boat.

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